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Trader’s Bucket List

Creating a trading bucket list can certainly make the journey of investing more exciting and rewarding. Here’s a fun and ambitious list of milestones and goals for an investor looking to spice up their trading experience:

1. Achieve a 10-Win Streak - Successfully close 10 consecutive trades in profit, regardless of the size of the gain.

2. Double Your Trading Account - Aim to double the initial balance of your trading account through strategic moves and savvy decision-making.

3. Master a New Trading Strategy - Learn and successfully implement a new trading strategy that you haven't tried before, expanding your trading skillset.

4. Trade in Five Different Markets - Broaden your horizons by trading in various markets such as stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and bonds.

5. Experience a "Zero-Loss" Month - Go through an entire month without booking a single loss, showcasing disciplined risk management and strategy application.

6. Host a Trading Webinar or Workshop - Share your knowledge and experiences by hosting an educational event for other traders.

7. Achieve a 100% Return on a Single Trade - Land a significant gain where a single trade doubles the investment.

8. Donate Profits to a Good Cause - Allocate a portion of your trading profits to a charity or cause you're passionate about, demonstrating social responsibility with your success.

9. Take a Dream Vacation Funded by Trading Profits - Use a portion of your trading profits to enjoy a vacation you've always dreamed of, purely funded by your trading success.

10. Successfully Predict a Major Market Movement - Use your analysis to predict a significant market event or trend before it happens, and profit from this insight.

11. Mentor a Novice Trader - Take a budding trader under your wing and mentor them, sharing your insights, strategies, and lessons learned.

12. Trade Using Only Technical Analysis for a Month - Rely solely on technical analysis for all trading decisions for a month to test your interpretation skills of charts and patterns.

13. Achieve a Trading Profit That Covers a Major Expense - Pay off a significant expense such as a car loan, mortgage payment, or a large purchase entirely with trading profits.

14. Develop Your Own Trading Indicator or Tool - Get creative and develop a trading indicator or tool that helps you and others make better trading decisions.

15. Attend a Major Trading Conference - Immerse yourself in the trading community by attending a renowned trading conference, either as a speaker or attendee, to network and learn.

16. Write a Trading Book or Blog - Compile your trading experiences, strategies, and lessons learned into a book or start a blog to share your journey with a wider audience.

17. Successfully Trade an Exotic Asset - Venture into trading an exotic or less common asset, learning the ins and outs of a new market.

18. Achieve Financial Freedom Through Trading - Reach the ultimate goal of financial independence, where your living expenses are comfortably covered by your trading income.

19. Host a Trading Challenge - Organize a trading challenge among friends or online, adding a competitive and social element to your trading journey.

20. Create a Trademark Trading Catchphrase - Coin a unique catchphrase that encapsulates your trading philosophy or a particular strategy you've mastered.

This bucket list combines practical goals with fun and philanthropic activities, making the trading journey not just about profits but also about personal growth, contribution, and adventure. Enjoy crossing off each milestone!


Written by Eric White

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Thanks for this list! I’ve been wanting to do a trading challenge for a while and decided to start on April 1st. Thirty-four ppl signed up. I’m excited!!!

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