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Dark Horse Investor is a financial education brand that aims to train people to become contrarian investors -- investors no one saw coming. We do this by teaching various methods and strategies on how to invest in alternative markets such as cryptocurrencies, private equity investment platforms, blockchain technology, digital real estate, equities, and tokenization. 

We live in a world where almost everything is copycat. Sentiment shows that groups think and act alike. Not Dark Horse Investors. We are contrarians following our own path in life. 

By definition, a contrarian is someone who takes an opposite stance to popular opinion. It literally means to be against.


As a member of the Dark Horse Investor community, you’ll learn how to become a contrarian investor who will be able to identify value and opportunities before the majority. As contrarian investors, we seek to acquire assets using contrarian principles.  It doesn’t matter what market we subscribe to; our focus is to both be and develop Dark Horse Investors who are trained to see value where others don’t.

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