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What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse a virtual reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Facebook has recently pivoted into focusing on Metaverse initiatives. One of the lingering concerns with Facebook's revenue model is that the company has seen a significant reduction in ad revenue due to Apple’s privacy changes with their users. Users can elect to not have their phone tracked by advertisers. This is a major blow for the social media guru.

Not only did Facebook see a sharp decline in revenue, but Google, Snapchat, and Twitter saw declines, as well. Snapchat's revenue decreased by a whopping 25%. Fundamentally, this changes how Facebook and other digital ad-driven platforms will make money.

Facebook didn’t waste anytime with pondering on how they will survive. Instead, they decided to jump into the Metaverse. With COVID-19 changing the way we conduct business as a whole, it also created opportunities for companies to experiment with other methods in which they interact with their customers. With Blockchain becoming the hot new trend, more and more companies are embracing the technology.

Let’s cut to the chase: What projects within the crypto space are built to offer opportunities for companies to build their products on their platform?

Below is a list of projects that offer Metaverse interaction.

The projects listed are not paid advertising. In addition, this article is not financial advice. This article is written with the sole purpose of education and entertainment. Dark Horse Coins is not a licensed financial provider and content provided should not be construed as personal investment advice.

Happy coining! May the horse be with you.


Written by: Eric White

Edited by: Shamya White

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