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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Crypto is not for the faint. It’s truly a ride for the ages if you live to tell the story. But let’s face it: many gurus avoid the tough conversations around investments that may not have turned out to be so great. Why? Is it to keep a perception of perfection?

The reality is that all great investors have assets in their portfolio that didn’t perform to their liking. That’s part of the game -- no one is perfect. The biggest mistake is when people act as if everything is perfect. This will inherently harm new investors, because they assume their failure is uniquely their own while everyone else is perfect. This article is written to clear that up.

Celsius, Luna, and Voyager are the latest projects that have wreaked havoc on many investors. No fingers can be pointed. It’s part of the game, unfortunately. And I’m sure many have felt the old cliche of “Lesson learned."

I had no investments in Celsius or Luna, yet I do empathize regarding those situations. I did, however, have exposure to Voyager. Luckily, it was only losing value on the asset price. I took the Celsius situation as a sign to not stick around to find out if Voyager was going to test my gangster by not releasing my money. So, I swiftly removed my money from the platform.

I loved the concept of Voyager. I held them for years when they were called Ethos. But the fundamentals changed, and that is a stipulation in my investment plan that I must adhere to. No matter how much I like them, their business was impacted negatively. That meant I had to depart from them.

I have many winners in my portfolio. But let’s address the losers, because people often ignore them. Nothing is perfect over here.

  • XRP: Over 25,000 XRP were sold when the SEC started its probe. Fundamentally, they were impacted. I loved XRP and I still do; however, my money can’t be held hostage. Therefore, I sold.

  • Library Credits: Great project that was ready to take on YouTube, and still can. But guess what? The SEC came after them as well. So, I sold.

  • Voyager: Needs no introduction. Bad lending practices and they are on a lifeline. I had to sell.

  • Pink Coin: Great concept, but not enough traction for charities. Project was delisted from Bittrex, which was a red flag. I sold.

  • Shib Coin: The metrics didn’t add up. A total of1.2 million token holders, but only 4 holders held 50% of the supply. Nah -- I’ll pass! Sold in profit and moved on.

So, there you see. Some of these I took a loss, broke even, or made profit -- but I moved on. They can be deemed as losses as well, because some of them were DHC picks.

But that’s the thing: we can't expect everything to be 100% perfect. And we don’t really buy into the "do your own research" rhetoric, either. That’s just a simple of way of saying, “If the shit goes wrong, you picked it.” It’s true, but it’s also common sense.

You can do your research and still end up with a project or business that doesn't work. The faster you accept that as being a reality, the better you’ll be as an investor.

Hang in there! I know these times are rough for some of you. I also know these are the times that will create skills, mental toughness, and resiliency.

May the Horse Be with You!


Written by: Eric White

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