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The Dark Horse Coins Report: 1st Quarter (2023)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crypto Projects


Max Supply: 400 million

Exchange: Kucoin


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants and on-chain Intelligent Contracts for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions.


AI Crypto Protection Broker & Aggregator

An AI-driven solution that uses their AI Assistant’s interface to aggregate products and services and distribute them to consumers through highly personalized offers and recommendations.

AI Legal Assistant

Generating Intelligent Contracts (the concept of smart contracts) through AI-driven conversational flows, focusing on both contract analysis and automatic creation of ready-to-sign, traditional contracts, and their digital equivalents.

AI Merchant (Sales Assistant)

An AI Assistant as a new digital channel for intelligent shopping, buying services, and conducting instant transactions, providing consumers with easier, faster, and more affordable ways to access services offered by various businesses


Legal services are expensive. However, AI will play a tremendous role in reducing those costs and adding efficiency to a lengthy, time-extensive industry.



Max Supply: 650 million

Exchange: Kucoin


A decentralized work platform that allows individuals to register through certification and verification process that then allows for clients to submit tasks to be completed by vetted professionals. Instead of deploying bots to build networks, Effect uses real humans.


If a client needs to increase their social media engagement, Effect Network has a solution where a network of thousands of people from all over the globe are matched through their algorithm with genuine fans who are rewarded for high-quality engagement on the client's channels.


Effect Network uses a combination of algorithms and human capital to build its network. YouTube and Twitter have come under scrutiny for having bots dominate watch hours. Companies are now hesitant to spend ad money, which is understandable. Who would want to spend millions on ads, only to realize that their product or service is being pitched to a bot with no intention of buying? Effect Network solves this problem. Humans will be needed more than ever as AI solidifies itself.



Max Supply: 5 billion

Exchange: Kucoin


Each Kambria DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is started by a development team submitting their proposal to Kambria with a solution of technology they can develop and open for the community to co-own.

The community collectively buys the solution by participating in the DAO. Then the development team starts to create the solution and manage the progress monthly.

The DAO, as owners of the solution, will decide and contribute to the commercialization of the solution, as well as get paid from their contribution to solution commercialization.


When you think of a traditional crowdfunding platform, you have in a mind an enthusiastic entrepreneur or creative needing money to get their start. However, in return, there is a limited return on investment. Often, its more sentimental. Here comes Kambria, offering an opportunity for investors and other innovators to pull resources into a DAO that will act as equity in the project. The community owns a stake, instead of one or more individuals who are founders or early investors.

Risk is also found due to not having a working project from the start. Instead, DAOs are created, and solutions are submitted. This poses a risk of perhaps never seeing the project take off.



Max Supply: 19.7 million

Exchanges: Kucoin, Uniswap, PancakeSwap


In the AI space, Oraichain focuses on providing decentralized platforms for atda and AI, standardizing how AI-based computation can be verifiable on-chain while ensuring the correctness of AI. In the Blockchain space, Oraichain emphasizes the scalability and interoperability of its oracle solutions and services with other networks in order to expand the utility of the Oraichain ecosystem; and through this, a wide range of unprecedented dApps (decentralized apps) — more functional and intelligent can be made possible.


Fake news detection using different AI providers from Oraichain.

This use case focuses more on a regular application that wants to check if the news can be trusted. Oraichain provides a marketplace in a decentralized manner in which combining results from different providers is possible.

Other use cases coming soon:

  • Smart contracts help check if a product is fake in the supply chain.

  • Smart contracts deciding a loan based on users’ credit score.

  • Smart contracts automatically pricing game items based on their characteristics and DNA.

  • Marketplace of automated diagnostics for X-ray images, spam classification, handwriting detection using OCR, and citizen ID card detection using OCR.

  • Oraichain has developed aiRight, a complete copyright management and farming platform for NFTs that harnesses the power of the world’s first AI Oracle to determine authenticity and point of origin for multimedia works minted on-chain.


Oraichain is aiming to solve the problem of AI authentication. Essentially, they are finding out what protocols will be used to verify that AI systems are operating with integrity. In addition, AI bots will continue to grow for businesses looking for solutions to handle tedious tasks. Smart contracts will continue to grow and become more innovative. Oraichain provides the platform to build decentralized applications that focus on AI integration.


Please note that this is not investment advice, nor are these endorsements. In addition, many of these projects have grown a considerable amount due to recent news coverage of Chat GPT and other AI-based platforms. Market conditions still remain in bear territory at the time of this writing.

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