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Financial War

The development of the first financial weapon, built to challenge establishments such as banks, institutions, and old money, was created for every common person around the world. It is a weapon that could change lives and restore value. That financial weapon is Bitcoin.

This weapon was made for the people by the people, yet the people didn't properly embrace nor use this weapon as it was meant to be used.

If you placed $10 into your savings account in 2008, it is now worth $7.60 due to the 2% inflation rate each year. Bitcoin (the weapon) would have turned that same $10 in 2008 into $31.7 million at the time of this writing.

Now the enemy, which is Wall Street, has captured our weapon and will now use it for their gain. We, the people, allowed this to happen. A clear path to financial freedom was given to us, yet we unconsciously allowed it to slip away.

There is hope! Cardano and other alt coins, such as Polkadot, are positioning themselves to be true Dark Horses and Trojan Horses that infiltrate the establishments that be.

We have another shot this time around. Nonetheless, it is difficult to prepare yourself for financial war if you aren’t aware that a war has started.

Recently, GameStop’s rise in the markets was an act of rebellion. The common folks gave the establishments the middle finger. The establishments will retaliate as well. However, we must remain focused because cryptocurrencies are the best shot we have at shifting the tide of this war.

As with any strategy of war, if this attack is known, what’s the real countermove? What is our attention being diverted from? Keep your eyes on the prize. We allowed our beloved Bitcoin to be easily placed into the hands of our financial oppressor. This time, we must gain full control.

Stay in the Know!

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