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Dark Horse Nugget: Work On YOU First

Some of us will never become rich because we are looking to save the world. In looking to save the world, you make the world weaker. There are certain things in life that require us to focus on ourselves first and learn how to overcome in the form of discipline and facing adversity.

The minute you’re rich, you’ll try to save someone from the plight they have participated in creating. That is why it’s important to continue working on yourself, as there may come a time when a financial blessing shall come your way, but it becomes fruitless because you never cultivated the soil in your life.

There is a reason why over 83% of lottery winners go broke in five years: their soil was never cultivated before the seed was planted.

If you desire to reap a harvest, make sure you’re edifying your own life. Cultivate and nourish your own soil first. So many blessings are blocked because we simply won’t focus on preparing ourselves to be perfectly aligned with the blessings that are waiting to be unleashed upon us.


Author: Eric White

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