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Are You Paying Attention?

Humans are a colonization species. Land and its resources were major reasons for massive colonization. Now, all the land and resources have been tapped for the most part. However, there are a few untapped areas in our lives that will be major in our future: Digital and Attention.

I prefer to invest in all things digital, from real estate to digital gas. Yes, there is digital gas. It costs to move data/currencies. VTHO, the gas for VeChain, does this.

Attention is a lucrative currency -- a multi trillion-dollar industry. Every single minute of the day, something is competing for your attention. Social media, radio, family, friends, school, retail, etc. Whoever finds a way to dominate your attention wins.

The Metaverse is next. People laughed at Facebook's so-called failed Metaverse. That is because most people don’t understand mass adoption. Facebook was early. Apple is secretly building an empire for the Metaverse.

When we joined Facebook in 2004, it was only for college students. Then it grew to high school, and then anyone with an email address could join. Facebook was not profitable for years.

You’re going to feel a lot of pain over the next year with the changes in the economy. This has to happen to reduce spending and to create a reset. This reset is a reload. This is why it’s important to eliminate distractions.

May the horse be with you!


Written by: Eric White

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