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The Dogecoin Hype

Dogecoin is the benefactor of crowd psychology. A classic "pump and dump" in the penny stock world. Here is why it’s considered that: it has no real-world product, it was at one point stolen by scammers, and it was designed as a joke and just happened to be part of Bitcoin’s history. Yes you can make money off that. That’s what pumps and dumps are. If you’re buying it now, who is selling it? The folks who have had Dogecoin for years. Now, the volume is right for selling.

Let me explain further.

Since 2016, I have been loading up on cryptocurrencies because I knew blockchain would be the future. I also know that this is one of the few times in our young investment history that we will be able to strike gold -- so to speak -- with precision. Every so often, a celebrity will tweet about Dogecoin and it pumps. We have seen this over and over. I feel confident in talking about Dogecoin because I had $30,000 worth of it in the first bull run 3 years ago. In the earlier days, my investor friends and I just didn’t know any better. We were rookies and had all kinds of money in various projects. I bought XRP at the price of $.006 and $0.10 at one point. We also had Ethereum at $8.65 and Litecoin at $4.76. We were early. At any rate, if you are purchasing Dogecoin now, you are buying mainly from people who know cycles and have strategically built their positions in the earlier years. A pure investor buys in silence and sells in noise. While Dogecoin is currently loud, we have already deployed the maximum amount of our available capital specifically for the opportunist trader who loves to chase shiny objects. You will be our future buyers and we will be future sellers. The Dark Horse Coins team is aware of other coins that no one is really talking about; those coins have amassed well over 1,600% gains multiple times throughout the past year. Once the masses finds out about them, boom -- they will go parabolic (increase dramatically). We will scale out. One coin on our radar that is competing against YouTube has already gone from $0.02 to $0.20. That’s a 1,000% gain. And they have a true working product. The name of this coin is LBRY (pronounced "library") Credits. They provide content creators more fair market value and inclusion in the revenue model that is decentralized, unlike YouTube which controls everything. It is a true long-term hold project. How did we learn about this coin? Because we live and breathe this market. We research and understand how the crowd thinks. We knew a day would come where the masses would fully come to crypto. However, more people will be scammed and more people will be hurt just like I was. We are trying to slow that down by truly educating. People making profit will now have their dopamine levels elevated and that’s when more risk is adopted. You have to ask yourself: Why was Dogecoin my first investment? More than likely, it’s because of price. You see when new investors see cheap price they automatically assume it’s a come up. And that’s exactly why we have over 25 coins in our portfolio we have no desire to hold long term because we know the market new participates will provide buying pressure which will raise prices to nice profit levels. I’m just giving you the game. Anyone who knows me outside of Dark Horse Coins knows that I’ve always preached about building wealth in silence and selling in noise. Enjoy the profits, but also get serious about investing. If Dogecoin is loud, then what is silent right now? BINGO! When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

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